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Venue address is New York Marriott Downtown 85 West Street at Albany Street, New York, NY 10006

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Bi-National, Non-Profit Organization

Belize American Chamber of Commerce Inc. (BACC)

Welcome to the official online hub to the 7th annual Belize Investment & Finance Forum (“BIF”). This event is brought to you by the Belize American Chamber of Commerce (“The BACC Inc.”) headquartered in South FL USA. The BACC along with its strategic partners & corporate/community members, such as the local 103-year-old Belize Chamber of Commerce & Industry (“BCCI”), Southwest Airlines, BAKER Concrete, & RIA, LLC, and other strategic partners …

Together in collaboration, we proudly invite the general public, especially the Diaspora Community of Belize within the United States, and honorary Friends of Belize, in accordance with their generosity & commitment to the continued development of Belize

BIF 2023 is a proud continuation of the recent one held fall of last year in Washington DC for National Caribbean American Heritage Month; however this year’s BIF now journeys to Wall Street in Manhattan New York, on Friday, June 23rd, from 12noon – 2pm EST, at the New York Marriott Downtown

Space is extremely limited thus advance Registration is Required & Highly Recommended. For more information Email BACC at or

Come Join Us! as we continue our efforts to Launch Belize’s First Financial Institution within US Jurisdiction, i.e. the Belize American Credit Union (the B.A.C.U.) an initiative also supported by the 78-year-old Holy Redeemer Credit Union institution in Belize (HRCU), as well as a the Belize Investment & Development Fund (“BIFF II”) licensed & operated by our new strategic investment banking partner Oppenheimer.

Listen to Special Presentations by Official Leaders & Executives from both the Public & Private Sectors directly from Belize, as well as here in the United States.

Special VIP Guests

Governor Kareem Michael, Central Bank of Belize

Director General Claude Haylock, F.S.C. Belize

New York City Mayor, Hon. Eric Adams

President Marcello Blake, Belize Chamber of Commerce & Industry [BCCI]

CEO Mrs. Kim Aikman, Belize Chamber of Commerce & Industry [BCCI]

Miss Earth Belize 2021, Destiny Wagner

& More to be Participating …

Special VIP Guest Speakers ​
- Hon. Minister Kareem Musa, Esq

Hon. Kareem Musa was born in Belize City to Rt. Hon. Said Musa and Joan Musa. After Kareem completed his foundational education in St. Joseph’s Primary School and St. John’s High School, he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology with an emphasis on Criminology from Louisiana State University (LSU) and graduated with honours in 1998.

Following this Kareem pursued law at The University of the West Indies (Barbados) and Norman Manley Law School (Jamaica). After graduating Kareem Musa has practised law for 17 years. During this tenure, he has earned himself a reputation as being an avid defender of justice. Kareem directed his attention to the political field in 1996 and has since campaigned for political change and socio-economic development of the people of Belize. He served as a shadow Minister for the Attorney-General’s Ministry and Public Utilities until the 2020 Belizean general election. Today Hon. Kareem Musa currently serves as Minister of Home Affairs & New Growth Industries.

Event Moderated by:

 Rishma Sooknandan-Eckert, Esq. General Counsel (GC) for the BACC

Special VIP Guest Speakers ​
-Hon. Senator Darrel Bradley

Darrell  Bradley earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree, majoring in sociology and international studies (summa cum laude), and a Master of Arts Degree, majoring in Public Administration, and a Graduate Certificate in University Teaching from Saint Louis (Jesuit) University in Missouri in the United States of America. Senator Darrell  Bradley, Esq. worked formerly for Young’s Law Firm. He has done substantial legal work, including legislative and contract drafting, corporate finance and litigation, for the Belize Tourism Board, Belize Electricity Limited, Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital Authority and Belize Social Security Board. Practising Law for over 11 years his focus has remained on commercial law, corporate management, taxation, estate planning, contracts, property, employment and administrative law. Senator Bradley has also served as Mayor of Belize City from 2012 to 2018. Today Senator Bradley is both active in law and the political arena of Belize.

Event Moderated by:

 Rishma Sooknandan-Eckert, Esq. General Counsel (GC) for the BACC




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