Our Story

We are not only about creating a unique line of food, skin, hair, and other environmentally friendly products.

Our core mission is protecting the environment and empowering the next generation of rural farmers and their families to build a better future.

The journey to understanding the impact of Cohune did not happen overnight. It started with a chance discovery in 2010, which spawned a relentless quest to discover and explore the unique and untapped potential of the Cohune nut and the formulation of equitable long-term partnerships with rural communities across Belize.

How we got here

In 2010, our Founder mistakenly purchased an unlabeled bottle of Cohune Oil that was traditionally produced in a rural community. The unique and distinctive taste captivated his imagination and inspired a burning passion which led to the quest to explore and unveil the secrets of the Cohune nut. 

The more he explored, the more he discovered the health benefits of the unique combination of nutrients found in Cohune oil on the digestive system and heart health, boosting the immune system and brain function, and multiple benefits for the skin and hair.

Collaborations with international Energy engineers later led to the discovery of the superior heat combustion capabilities of the shell and positions Cohune as a key source of baseload energy as Belize moves towards Energy independence.   

Then came the realization of Cohune’s catalytic role in the protection of the environment and its critical role in the fight against Climate change. The industrialization of the Cohune Nut through the development of our unique product line is key to the protection and conservation of thousands of acres of pristine Tropical Rain Forests and fragile Wildlife habitats.        

Climate Change, Energy and the Environment

Our passion for the environment is the driving force behind the development of fundamental partnerships with innovators in Energy technology. Cohune Biomass provides the foundation for the conversion of more than 90% of Methane at the National Solid Waste Treatment site to electricity and the processing of plastics into commercial-grade fuel.

It will operate under the banner of “Bioindustry and Transformation” with key objectives ensuring that Belize becomes a model for sustainable management and eventual elimination of its carbon footprint. The initial phase for accomplishing this will be the conservation of approximately 30,000 acres of rainforest. The incorporation of active surveillance and fire management strategies in the many methods of attaining this goal. Cohune’s role is impactful to Belize’s contribution to the global fight against climate change and the protection of the environment.

Transforming Communities

Through equitable partnerships, we embrace and enable small-scale Farmers to move away from traditional milpa farming practices into thriving sustainable livelihoods that enhance their local communities and quality of life. The Cohune Industry’s vision is a conservation one. It recognizes this palm’s distinct multicultural connection in Belizean history. Current changes in climate have severely affected rural communities. One of the main challenges to many remote rural communities is understanding what assets they have at their disposal, and transforming those for their socio-economic development. Therefore, Cohune will catalyze a new generation of youth schooled in modern technology, fully aware of their history and traditions.

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